Automatic Number Plate Recognition

(ANPR) is an effective way of reading a vehicles registration number plate.

For businesses and organisations that have a car park, where time limits may be a problem, Local Parking Management can offer our state of the art ANPR camera system that monitors timed overstays.  Cameras are placed at both the entrance and the exits of your car park, then any vehicle that enters the car park is logged, once the vehicle leaves and if the said vehicle overstays beyond a stipulated time the details are sent automatically to our control room. We then send the vehicle details to the DVLA and receive the registered keeper’s address, Local Parking Management then sends out a notification showing where the offence took place.

Our ANPR cameras boast a huge range of benefits for your busy car park. They are sturdy, robust and use optical character recognition to read the customer’s number plates. Our clients need not be concerned about extreme weather conditions as our cameras are both weather-proof and sturdy, and are designed to withstand rain, hail and snow. In addition, they provide high-density images which ensure the clear detection of any unauthorised activity.

Regardless of the time of day or night, your customers are guaranteed that our cameras are working to add security to your site 24/7. Enhancing your client’s parking experience will help them frequent your car park and feel calmer and more relaxed when doing so.

Free Equipment, Installation & Signage

Not only do we manage your parking spaces free of charge, we also provide and install all necessary equipment at no cost to you. Our service is hassle-free and does not disrupt your business operations.

The benefits are:

  • FREE set up and signage.
  • Operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • No staff required.
  • High Tech 3G ANPR camera systems.
  • Real time statistics.